Viv Thomas – Anie Darling & Cristal Caitlin


Gorgeous photographer Cristal Caitlin and her cute assistant Anie Darling become intimate as episode two of Andrej Lupin’s sexy and stylish “Redolence” begins. They are reviewing the shots from their perfume advert, but soon get distracted by each other, and put aside the camera and laptop so they can have some fun. Raven-haired Anie straddles her blonde sweetheart, and they kiss avidly, Cristal pulling Anie’s top up to suck her pert breasts, then peeling off her dungarees so her slender body is perfectly naked…

She gazes up at Anie from between her thighs as she licks her pussy, tugging on the fleshy folds with her lips and sliding two fingers inside her tight slit. Anie moans with pleasure, strumming her own clit and lifting her legs even higher so Cristal can tongue her tight asshole. They move into spoons and Cristal frigs her adorable lover, driving her wild. Now Anie tugs Cristal’s skintight pants down and bends her over to lick her pussy and ass from behind. Using Cristal’s own wetness as lube, she starts finger-fucking her vigorously, sliding in and out of her juicy slot as Cristal gasps and arches her back, grabbing Anie’s wrist as the sensations overwhelm her. Flipping onto her back, she rocks her hips up to meet Anie’s probing fingers, shaking through a powerful orgasm.

Date: February 23, 2018