Massage Rooms – Emylia Argan & Esperanza Del Horno


Esperanza Del Horno is the girl who loves making porno, but even pornstars need to relax, which is why she booked a massage in the Massage Rooms with the breathtaking Emylia Argan. Emylia starts at the feet, working her soft hands through Esperanza’s toes and heel. As Emylia stretches Esperanza’s limbs as part of the routine, she notices the latter’s freshly smooth pussy and can’t look away! Finally tearing her gaze away from the beautiful peach, Emylia uses oil to massage Esperanza’s shoulders, then her perky tits. Turned on, Esperanza kisses Emylia, and the two lesbians share a sexy 69!

Date: January 31, 2018