The Life Erotic – Anissa Kate


We’re introduced to stunning Anissa Kate as she takes a dip in her pool, wearing a white swimsuit that does little to hide her large, natural breasts and the dark, trimmed pubes on her mound. She caresses her body through the wet, almost transparent fabric, and we’re treated to fleeting sneak-peeks at the action to come. When it finally begins, Anissa is lounging in a wicker chair –her long, black hair is loose and she’s wearing dark, vampish eye makeup and frosted pink lipstick so her pouting mouth looks even more lusciously plump. She’s now completely naked and running her hands over her tan, lightly oiled curves, as the camera homes in on her tits and her pussy, which is shaved aside from her landing strip. She shows off her full globes, kneading, jiggling and drooling over them, and runs spit-wet, manicured fingertips around her big nipples. Soon, she begins to masturbate, dipping one finger, then two, then three inside of her soaking-wet pussy. Next, she raises and splays her legs, and gives her asshole some attention. Her fingers clearly aren’t enough to satisfy her, however, and she grabs a hot-pink sex toy, sucking on it to lube it. This is a curved, double-ended dildo with two cock-shaped heads, one bigger than the other. She slides the fatter head inside of her asshole, moaning, gasping and even cursing under her breath as it stretches her wide. She stirs it around and uses the slender end to tease her clit, before pushing it in her pussy. Gripping the center, she works it hard, deep and fast in both her holes, double-penetrating herself. It takes her no time at all to cum, then she relaxes in her chair, legs wide open as she sets aside the toy and uses her fingers to splay and display her pussy, moist and swollen from her orgasm.

Date: March 14, 2017