Geisha Kyd – Finding My Red Hot Stilettos!


Geisha Kyd – Finding My Red Hot Stilettos!
Released: September 21, 2022

All people have secrets they don’t want others to know, especially if the secret involves something society finds weird and unappealing. Dean Van Damme thought that he could get away with his little secret. He often steals Geisha Kyd’s shoes and makes love with them. Despite Dean’s effort to hide his foot fetish, Geisha catches him in the act. The beautiful cutie with curly blonde hair confronts the tattooed lad. Dean tries to explain himself because he thinks Geisha is mad at him. As it turns out, the skinny slut is only teasing him. She takes the red high heels from him and gives him the silver one she is wearing. Watching Dean enjoy the smell of her shoes makes Geisha horny…

Unable to control her lust any longer, Geisha lies on the couch and lets Dean slobber her left foot while she sucks the toes of her right one. The visual aesthetic of Geisha’s long toes with pink nail polish motivates Dean to worship the sexy feet harder. Geisha puts Dean’s hard dick between her sweaty soles. She gives the lucky stud a blowjob-footjob combo before letting him eat out her pussy. Geisha sucks her big toe as she enjoys the tight sensation of Dean’s cock inside her coochie. The naughty foot-lover fucks the petite blonde in missionary while still worshipping her feet. The skinny all-natural cutie can’t help but moan in delight while she rides Dean’s cock in reverse cowgirl and soles-up cowgirl. She can feel Dean’s dick going deeper into her bald pussy with every hump and grind she makes. Dean tirelessly slides his cock in and out of the tight blonde until he feels like he is about to cum. He then pulls his cock out of the wet hole and sprays his cum on Geisha’s feet. The beautiful hottie happily spreads the warm jizz on her arches before cleaning the cum off with her mouth.

Date: November 3, 2022