Black Pay Back – Why You Cryin – E33


Black Pay Back – Why You Cryin – E33
Released: March 29, 2019

Dawg, it never ends. So this little cracker hippie shows up to the cut. So I made her run to beauty parlor to gets dids up. The only problem was there ain’t no cracker beauty salons in my hood. So I call my cousin who’s an uber driver. He gets her dids, and then he’s lingerin’ ’round and whistlin’ like he’s gonna bust out some Motown. I said, “you want to want to clap them cakes?” Next thing you know it, she earlin on both our dicks. Then we took turns on that sweet, pale edomite asshole, and we packin’. Popped all over her face, and she was so filled with white guilt that the bitch cried tears of joy. Guilt ways heavy on dem cracker hoes.

Date: March 29, 2019